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About Us

The Journey


The Journey

In 1999 a dreamer had decided to go to a smaller university after high school and could not find products for that school anywhere in the area. Over that summer he attended a variety of Minor League Baseball games, and realized that it wasn't just smaller schools that were lacking representation in stores. The dream of a store that would be designed for fans of teams from around the world had begun.

As the world started to change, and the teams from Detroit started to struggle, it became apparent that the dream was still very much alive. Fans around Metro Detroit started to embrace College and Pro teams from around the country, and that is why Carrot Stick Sports is here.

The Vision of Carrot Stick Sports

Each fan has a unique story and experience that has driven them to become a fan. By offering the best apparel possible for the teams that they care about, we can support them as they journey from brand new to lifelong fan.